C.A.A. Savastano returns to The Past American Century

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Lee Harvey Oswald and his actions have dominated much of the public discussion about the JFK case, but has this constant focus on him taken away the greater view of events in the JFK assassination? C.A.A. Savastano and your host Mike Swanson discuss this and other related historical subjects.

The Ochelli Effect and Expanded MLK Investigation Files

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Administrator, educator, and advocate for socioeconomic justice Garland Brown returns to discuss the legacy, progress, and the elusive things still needed to fulfill Dr. King's dream with author Carmine Savastano and your host Chuck Ochelli.

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Additionally offered is an expanded and updated MLK Investigation Files section with additional evidence and information regarding persons of note, FBI illegality and CIA surveillance targeting Dr. King and his cadre. #MLK50 #evidence

The CIA Man who considered using Oswald

The CIA Man who considered using Oswald

The pseudonym Thomas B. Casasin belongs to a largely unknown Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer. His name appeared in a memo researchers for years have discussed that supports that at least one Agency employee considered using Lee Harvey Oswald for the acquisition of foreign intelligence. While this does not definitively connect Oswald to the CIA, it does offer that possibility was quite real. While the mythical secret agent Oswald a few offer is improbable, we do have verifiable evidence dispelling past claims that Oswald would never be considered for official use.i  However, there is more to the story of Casasin than just the prior versions of this notable memo...

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Project ZRRIFLE update


An expansion of the Primary Evidence Collections Project ZRRIFLE section with new documents from the 2017 JFK Records release, additional photography, and additional project files, summaries, and timelines.  #ZRRIFLE #QJWIN #JFK 

Castro Plots update

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A newly updated section with additional details about the CIA assassination plots targeting Fidel Castro, seven new documents from the 2017 JFK files, and multiple detailed summaries and timelines of the organization and development of various  related plots from the official files. #JFK #evidencematters 

The Man About Town

A further review of the man several officials feasibly did not identify in Dallas, who bought a new rifle for a hunting trip, was the subject of prior FBI reports noting threats to JFK, and who dined near Dealey Plaza on the morning of November 22, 1963.

RION: John and Jo Beth Hill


The statement of Jo Beth Hill placing herself and her husband blocks from Dealey Plaza around the time of President Kennedy's assassination. While her statement does not infer a definite nefarious connection, it does support unknown possibly armed men in the area could largely escape official notice. #JFK #Evidence 

A Fake Card-Carrying Member

A Fake Card-Carrying Member

Discussions about Lee Harvey Oswald often venture to speculation when seeking to provide a feasible motive for Oswald's purported actions. With scant time to prepare, without verifiable practice, some deem his alleged associations can explain what officials failed to repeatedly. Often the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC), an organization in the United States that promoted the interests Fidel Castro and by extension his Communist regime is attributed some blame. Others assert Oswald was a loyal and active member serving the Communist or Socialist factions within the group.  This claim is followed by allegations that Oswald was a lone gunman or a creature of Cuban or Soviet intelligence. However, the FPCC was a loosely organized group that never directed Oswald to do anything...

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The Man formerly known as James Sutton

The Man formerly known as James Sutton

November 18, 1994, former music producer Bob Vernon spoke before the Assassination Records Review Board. Vernon representing the company Truth Truth Truth Inc. presented the story of James Files another man who claimed to be President Kennedy's assassin. The associated video "Confessions of An Assassin" notes investigator Joe West spent a considerable amount time and money regarding his investigation into the James Files claims. It also remarks that West died before Files could give a full confession, yet Files could have easily saved West months of time by offering verifiable proof or other witnesses that could substantiate his claims, Files never did. West is not the last person to lose time and money chasing the improbable claims of James Files. Bob Vernon would eventually do so as well...

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A Plaza Full of Mirrors

The latest addition to the Improbability Vault is "A Plaza Full of Mirrors" which reviews four different men some have prior claimed were present in Dealey Plaza during the Kennedy assassination. Each claimed person is subjected to verifiable evidence placing them elsewhere. #JFK 

Pseudonyms update

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The Assassination Archives and Research Center has accepted CIA pseudonym research from C.A.A. Savastano. It can be found at the AARC's "Select CIA Pseudonyms" listing. The featured pseudonyms can also be found with additional cryptonym and alias research here in the Primary Evidence Collections.

Pseudonym and Alias update

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Two new pseudonyms and one alias revealed for your inspection. The pseudonym Oliver Altman belongs to Justin O' Donnell a CIA employee sent to the Congo shortly before the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Cuban Intelligence officer and Cuban Consul Alfredo Mirabal Diaz used the second pseudonym Federico in some communications and CIA analyst Leo Cherne used the alias (his former legal name) Leopold Chernetsky. #CIA #Evidence