RION: John and Jo Beth Hill


The statement of Jo Beth Hill placing herself and her husband blocks from Dealey Plaza around the time of President Kennedy's assassination. While her statement does not infer a definite nefarious connection, it does support unknown possibly armed men in the area could largely escape official notice. #JFK #Evidence 

RION: Manuel Ray


A notable document supports Cuban Exile leader Manuel Ray Rivero planned to betray the CIA. It reveals despite his abundant funding and support provided by CIA officials, he attributed his group's failures to the Agency.  This document and a brief statement of his background are offered for your review. #JFK #Cuba 

RION: Manuel Artime Buesa


A document which proves Agency "golden boy" Manuel Artime Buesa and his Cuban exile operations were funded nearly five million dollars by the CIA to cover operations from June 1963 to June 1964. Officials would eventually realize that autonomous groups similar to the Artime's were threats and that not all of their operational expenses were traceable by accounting. #JFK #Evidence 

RION: Manuel "Tony" Varona


The statement of Manuel "Tony" Varona recounts a meeting about Cuba between him and featured Mafia notable Meyer Lansky. The CIA quickly warns Varona to stay away from Lansky, to which Varona seemingly complies. Yet Lansky associate and Mafia leader Santos Trafficante later suggests Varona for use in the Castro Plots. #JFK #Evidence 

JFK Lancer NID 2016 Conference Presentation Evidence

Author Carmine Savastano's evidence regarding the subjects he discussed at the JFK Lancer 2016 Conference. For all those who could not attend the conference we invite you to review the newly added Oswald Timeline Myth.   

Myths and Legends in the JFK Case:
Myth 1: The Castro Tapes
Legend 1: Guy Banister had no connection to the CIA
Myth 2: The Walker Allegations
Legend 2: The Rafael Cruz Story
Myth 3: The Oswald Timeline Myth 

RION: John Edgar Hoover


The legal statement of Former Assistant Director of the FBI William Sullivan regards the internal actions and vendettas of J. Edgar Hoover against the CIA and Warren Commission.  They include leaking secret or embarrassing CIA information and then promoting disinformation to blame other officials, and seeking to prevent the Warren Commission's investigation from deviating from his prejudgment of Oswald's guilt. #JFK #Evidence 

RION: Clay L. Shaw

CIA Doc.png


Two documents for your review, the first a report on the various CIA business contacts with Clay Shaw. The second FBI document while not supporting the evolving stories attached to the Clay Bertrand pseudonym, does offer that two unnamed and likely unreported FBI informants claimed Clay Bertrand was Clay Shaw.#JFK #Evidence 

RION: George de Mohrenschildt


A document verifying the Central Intelligence Agency utilized George de Mohrenschildt's second wife and brother. Officials note in the document that the de Mohrenschildts claim to be the only couple who associated with both the Oswalds and the Kennedys. #JFK #Evidence