JFK Lancer 2018 NID RFK Research and Evidence



Evidence and research summaries for three notable people in the assassination case Senator Robert F. Kennedy reviewed at the JFK Lancer 2018 NID Conference by C.A.A. Savastano is offered and new connections and leads are established with primary evidence. Enjoy our new RFK assassination Related Individuals of Note section and a fresh related  interview with The Past American Century podcast.

2017 Lancer NID Conference Presentation Evidence

Lancer Graphic 2017.png

Offered below is the evidence regarding subjects Carmine Savastano discussed at the JFK Lancer 2017 NID Conference. Subjects included myths regarding Joseph Milteer, Tosh Plumlee, E. Howard Hunt, Judyth Vary Baker, Hugh Aynesworth, and Priscilla McMillan Johnson.    

Myths and Misses in the JFK Case:
Myth 1:  Joseph Milteer and a Plaza Full of Mirrors
Myth 2:  Tosh Plumlee and the Abort Team Story
Myth 3:  Where was E. Howard Hunt?
Myth 4: 
Judyth Baker and The Castro Coffee Story
Myth 5:  Hugh Aynesworth and the CIA
Myth 6:  The CIA connection to Priscilla McMillan Johnson

JFK Lancer NID 2016 Conference Presentation Evidence

Author Carmine Savastano's evidence regarding the subjects he discussed at the JFK Lancer 2016 Conference. For all those who could not attend the conference we invite you to review the newly added Oswald Timeline Myth.   

Myths and Legends in the JFK Case:
Myth 1: The Castro Tapes
Legend 1: Guy Banister had no connection to the CIA
Myth 2: The Walker Allegations
Legend 2: The Rafael Cruz Story
Myth 3: The Oswald Timeline Myth