JFK Lancer 2018 NID RFK Research and Evidence



Evidence and research summaries for three notable people in the assassination case Senator Robert F. Kennedy reviewed at the JFK Lancer 2018 NID Conference by C.A.A. Savastano is offered and new connections and leads are established with primary evidence. Enjoy our new RFK assassination Related Individuals of Note section and a fresh related  interview with The Past American Century podcast.

The LBJ Myths

The LBJ Myths

Feasibly second only to Lee Harvey Oswald, another person is asserted by some to be responsible for the death of President Kennedy. Some accuse President Lyndon Baines Johnson, based upon similar unproven hypotheses. They claim he is who most benefitted from the President's death; however, that is not true. Others did benefit more; for instance, J. Edgar Hoover received a lifetime appointment to the FBI's directorship from President Johnson. Johnson gained a looming shadow of accusation that has endured over five decades. His troubled one-term presidency is a paltry reward for such claimed actions...

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