Blurred Minds

Blurred Minds

Some theorize a hypnotized assailant carried out the attack of multiple famous public figures and even believe such acts might occur while a separate mental suggestion could wipe the killer's memory leaving them a hapless pawn. It is wholly reasonable to support a person can be manipulated, lied to, and indoctrinated given enough time and isolation. If these actions were coupled with repeated negative psychological treatment, torture, or the use of drugs, a person's will can be drastically reduced or their memory can be permanently clouded. However, there is no scientifically proven way to render someone a programmed killer without any self-determination or memory despite the repeated public assertions it might occur. The erroneous modern concept of limitless mental control began decades ago with the assistance of government propaganda and resulting public speculations…

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Our Thanks to JFK Facts

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We appreciate Jefferson Morley and everyone at JFK Facts for their coverage of a recent episode of The Past American Century podcast. It features Chuck Ochelli and C.A.A. Savastano discussing the enduring relevance of political assassination and divisive politics.

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