Who was QJWIN?

Patrice LUmumba was President of the Congo and           A Target of FOREIGN Assassination Operations 

Patrice LUmumba was President of the Congo and           A Target of FOREIGN Assassination Operations 

An enduring question lingering in the shadows of modern history is the true name of one of the Central Intelligence Agency's most concealed assets. QJWIN is the cryptonym assigned to this person active prior to President Kennedy's death. The first sign of him was among a large trove of cryptonyms buried in a document over a hundred pages in no particular order. I was startled to find he was the very first entry. QJWIN's name is Jose Marie Andre Mankel i ii and multiple primary documents confirm this including his contract, contract extension, biography file, and Select Committee listing in various cryptonyms. Mankel additionally utilized pseudonyms and false identities of a New York businessperson called John J. Berger and Jacques Berger a German salesperson.iii  

Documents state he was "6 ft. 1 in. thin build, hair dark brown, large ears...above left eyebrow is a permanent lump...large enough that it cannot be overlooked; walks with head and shoulders bent slightly forward; speaks German and French fluently and can pass as a native of France; on a scale of excellent...his English is rated good. If English is used with him, it should be spoken slowly and distinctly, choosing words which leave no doubt as to what is meant." However, the Agency was not candid with even him. "In view of the extreme sensitivity of the objective for which we want him to perform his task, he was not told precisely what we want him to do. Instead, he was told we have evidence of Soviet operations among nationality groups in Africa...we would like to have him spot, assess, and recommend some dependable, quick witted persons for our use. (Comment: It was thought best to withhold our true, specific requirements pending the final decision to use MANKEL.) He agreed to go on the trip for us."iv  

Mankel suggested portraying a sales representative of a German firm whose owner could provide supporting documentation for a cover story. Mankel displayed knowledge of dealing with political groups and had a suitable reference if needed for the operation. The document concludes noting that all documents, photographs, and identifying notes about Mankel and the future operations should be destroyed.v  Agency opponent and African leader Patrice Lumumba is assassinated months later in March of 1961. Was Mankel or those he was asked to provide related to Lumumba's political murder?

The Agency contract with Mankel states "The United States Government, as represented by the Contracting Officer, hereby contracts with you as an independent contractor for the submission of certain information and related services of a confidential nature under the following terms." Thus the United States Government, namely the Central Intelligence Agency, contracted Mankel multiple times. Compensation, travel, operational expenses, and reimbursement were also provided. "If necessary to protect the security of this arrangement, monies due you here under may be funded in other than a direct manner" feasibly by using covert means or front businesses and organizations. Mankel's contract was approved in 1961 and he received a contract extension on March of 1962.vi 

Any possible involvement by Mankel in the Kennedy assassination is still an item of open inquiry. However, we can now state the identity and employment of Mankel for the Central Intelligence Agency years prior to the death of John F. Kennedy. We can prove the Agency had plans for him it was even unwilling to initially share with Mankel himself. His appearance and sensitive operations shortly prior to one assassination may indicate his participation in others. 
C.A.A. Savastano
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