C.A.A. Savastano returns to The Lone Gunman Podcast w/ Rob Clark


Join your host Rob Clark and his guest C.A.A. Savastano to discuss and inspect the claims of two prior guests from different sides of the Kennedy assassination case. They discuss the same problems that differently motivated inspections of the case offer, dissect some related myths, and offer why the sources of evidence we believe are important to forming reasonable conclusions.

Project ZRRIFLE update


An expansion of the Primary Evidence Collections Project ZRRIFLE section with new documents from the 2017 JFK Records release, additional photography, and additional project files, summaries, and timelines.  #ZRRIFLE #QJWIN #JFK 

Cryptonyms update

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For your review are four new cryptonyms C.A.A. Savastano assisted documenting at the Mary Ferrell Foundation (LNERGO, BKHERALD, LNAGON, QJWIN). They reveal code names used in the evidence to represent the FBI, CIA, the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and a foreign assassination operative Jose Marie Andre Mankel. #CIA #Cryptonym    

Who was QJWIN?

Who was QJWIN?

An enduring question lingering in the shadows of modern history is the true name of one of the Central Intelligence Agency's most concealed assets. QJWIN is the cryptonym assigned to this person active prior to President Kennedy's death. The first sign of him was among a large trove of cryptonyms buried in a document over a hundred pages in no particular order. I was startled to find he was the very first entry. QJWIN's name is Jose Marie Andre Mankel and multiple primary documents confirm this including his contract, contract extension, biography file, and in Select Committee file listing various cryptonyms. Mankel additionally utilized pseudonyms and the false identities of a New York businessperson called John J. Berger and Jacques Berger a German salesperson...

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