Cryptonyms and Pseudonyms update

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Eight cryptonyms (BGGYPSY, DTFROGS, JMBLUG, HTKEEPER, HTPLUME, KMFLUSH, KMPLEBE, and LCPANGS) revealing nations with CIA operational interest and one US Ambassador and the pseudonyms of CIA Officers Richard Bissell (Pickney E. Lynade) and Frank Wisner (Harold S. Whiting) are revealed for your inspection. #CIA #JFK #history #evidencematters

Three Company Men

Three Company Men

Often the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, the Agency, the Company) is ascribed direct control over the Kennedy assassination by those who suspect them. Their tactics and even some among their fallen ranks were guilty of suppression of evidence, obstruction of justice, and deception at the very least. Yet they were not the leading investigative agency, but supported the "efforts" of J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation... 

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