Cryptonym Update

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Presenting a notable expansion of the Primary Evidence Collections cryptonym list with over 70 new Central Intelligence Agency cryptonyms, more than 40 general cryptonyms including AMCOB 1 and 3-15, BGMURDER, BGWOEFUL, CAUTERY 1-6, HBTROUT, HTEXOTIC, KUCHAP, KUJAZZ, and dozens more that prior concealed assets, agents, nations, and operational information. Some of the additionally over 20 revealed project and operation cryptonyms are BECRIPPLE, BESMIRCH, BGFIEND, CATOMIC, HARVARD, OBSIDIOUS, OBTUSE, QKDEMON, and several more for your review. 

Cryptonyms and Pseudonyms update

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Eight cryptonyms (BGGYPSY, DTFROGS, JMBLUG, HTKEEPER, HTPLUME, KMFLUSH, KMPLEBE, and LCPANGS) revealing nations with CIA operational interest and one US Ambassador and the pseudonyms of CIA Officers Richard Bissell (Pickney E. Lynade) and Frank Wisner (Harold S. Whiting) are revealed for your inspection. #CIA #JFK #history #evidencematters

New Cryptonyms from the 2017 JFK Records release

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Multiple new cryptonyms decoded from the 2017 JFK Records release. They include DMLIVID an associate of QJWIN, and five locational prefixes that reveal the countries the CIA had active operations within. #CIA #JFK #evidencematters 

Cryptonyms update

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For your review are four new cryptonyms C.A.A. Savastano assisted documenting at the Mary Ferrell Foundation (LNERGO, BKHERALD, LNAGON, QJWIN). They reveal code names used in the evidence to represent the FBI, CIA, the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and a foreign assassination operative Jose Marie Andre Mankel. #CIA #Cryptonym    

CIA Projects update

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Four newly documented CIA projects for your review. Projects Butane, Cellotex-1, and Cellotex-2, each of these projects targeted members of the media for revealing classified information. Additionally, the CIA's Office of Security targeted dissident groups considered a threat to Agency employees and operations codenamed Project Merrimac. Each in the Agency's own words are "probable violations of the Agency's charter." #JFK #CIA