The State of JFK Research Panel and New Cryptonyms

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Join the founder of History Matters and President of the Mary Ferrell Foundation Rex Bradford, researcher and advocate William Kelly, researcher and author Carmine Savastano, and attorney and researcher Bill Simpich for the State of JFK Research Panel. Your host and researcher Chuck Ochelli and his guests discuss the JFK case history, the new documents releases, how to get involved, and how to possibly secure the remaining files still beyond the public's reach. #JFK55 #documents #MFF #AARC 

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Review newly added CIA cryptonyms (code names) that decode nations, people, and operations that include AMSMILE-1, KMULCER, AMRAZOR-1, and PDDONOR.

Cryptonyms update

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For your review are four new cryptonyms C.A.A. Savastano assisted documenting at the Mary Ferrell Foundation (LNERGO, BKHERALD, LNAGON, QJWIN). They reveal code names used in the evidence to represent the FBI, CIA, the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and a foreign assassination operative Jose Marie Andre Mankel. #CIA #Cryptonym    

CIA Biographic Profiles update

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Three new CIA Biographic Profiles to review, the first was a CIA Operations Officer in Saigon supporting the overthrow of its government, Lucien Emile Conein. Additionally, the files of Howard M. Orr, an Intelligence and Operations Officer, and the file of CIA Intelligence Analyst and Operations Officer James Sauvie Woods that served for two years at Atsugi Airbase in Japan. Each is offered for your inspection. #CIA #Evidence 

CIA Projects update

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Four newly documented CIA projects for your review. Projects Butane, Cellotex-1, and Cellotex-2, each of these projects targeted members of the media for revealing classified information. Additionally, the CIA's Office of Security targeted dissident groups considered a threat to Agency employees and operations codenamed Project Merrimac. Each in the Agency's own words are "probable violations of the Agency's charter." #JFK #CIA 

CIA Policy and Resource update

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Three new documents, the first is an internal paper on the dangers and benefits of counterintelligence by CIA officer Woodbury Carter. The second is a policy document regarding Covert Security Approvals, such as those used in Agency Project QK-Enchant. The third is the Cuban Mug Book and Key Book Volume One, it contains hundreds of pictures and identities of Cuban nationals observed by the Agency for possible operational and security reasons. Each is offered for your inspection.