The Consolidated CIA Files update

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Offered for your review is the new Consolidated CIA Files section that contains profiles with up to six different types of documents for each reviewed subject and updated summaries that present over forty notable CIA employees, agents, and officers. Over thirty new additional multiple document files are included from the November 2017 JFK Records releases and new subjects include David E. Murphy, Samuel G. Kail, George F. Munro, Henry Preston Lopez, Birch O'Neal, and Jacques Richardson. New documents include Contact and Personnel Files regarding David Lamar Christ, Anne Goodpasture, William Harvey, E. Howard Hunt, Thomas J. Keenan, J. Walton Moore, and Lucien E. Conein.  #JFK #evidence  

CIA Biographic Profiles update

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Three new CIA Biographic Profiles to review, the first was a CIA Operations Officer in Saigon supporting the overthrow of its government, Lucien Emile Conein. Additionally, the files of Howard M. Orr, an Intelligence and Operations Officer, and the file of CIA Intelligence Analyst and Operations Officer James Sauvie Woods that served for two years at Atsugi Airbase in Japan. Each is offered for your inspection. #CIA #Evidence