CIA Policy and Resource update

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Three new documents, the first is an internal paper on the dangers and benefits of counterintelligence by CIA officer Woodbury Carter. The second is a policy document regarding Covert Security Approvals, such as those used in Agency Project QK-Enchant. The third is the Cuban Mug Book and Key Book Volume One, it contains hundreds of pictures and identities of Cuban nationals observed by the Agency for possible operational and security reasons. Each is offered for your inspection. 

The Business of Intelligence

The Business of Intelligence

"QKENCHANT was the name of an Agency project used to provide security approvals on non-Agency personnel and facilities. Such approvals were required so that Agency personnel could meet individuals to discuss proposed projects, activities, and possible relationships."i  The Agency issued Personal Covert Security Approvals (PCSA) and Covert Security Approvals (CSA) to a variety of businesspersons. QKENCHANT began in the early 1950s and proceeded according to some files beyond 1969.ii Some however were not mere business oriented individuals. The project's varied membership includes familiar names related to infamous Central Intelligence Agency undertakings... 

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