The State of JFK Research Panel and New Cryptonyms

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Join the founder of History Matters and President of the Mary Ferrell Foundation Rex Bradford, researcher and advocate William Kelly, researcher and author Carmine Savastano, and attorney and researcher Bill Simpich for the State of JFK Research Panel. Your host and researcher Chuck Ochelli and his guests discuss the JFK case history, the new documents releases, how to get involved, and how to possibly secure the remaining files still beyond the public's reach. #JFK55 #documents #MFF #AARC 

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Review newly added CIA cryptonyms (code names) that decode nations, people, and operations that include AMSMILE-1, KMULCER, AMRAZOR-1, and PDDONOR.

Pseudonyms update

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The Assassination Archives and Research Center has accepted CIA pseudonym research from C.A.A. Savastano. It can be found at the AARC's "Select CIA Pseudonyms" listing. The featured pseudonyms can also be found with additional cryptonym and alias research here in the Primary Evidence Collections.