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A Central Intelligence Agency operation will often have a limited duration, less participants, and utilizes fewer resources than projects.

Operation AMSWEEP: Use of a Cuban intelligence asset to provide political and military information. (MFF)
Operation AMTABBY: An effort to send saboteur groups into Cuba to disrupt targeted sites and hinder the Castro government. (MFF)
(Group Members: Jose Miguel Carvajal Gonzalez, Armando Caballero Parodi, Antonio Soto Vazquez, Alberto Perez Martinez)
Operation AMWARM: This Central Intelligence Agency "FI (Foreign Intelligence) Operation" focused on Cubana Airlines, the largest airline in Cuba. The communications detailed Cuban "personnel, negotiations, scheduled flights of Cubana Airlines and coverage of traffic at Rancho Boyeros Airport." The reports were generated by an "on-island asset" (Cuba) and sent to Agency operatives. (MFF)
Operation FJPLEAD: Foreign Intelligence collection activities targeting the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and the Chinese communists.
Operation LIFIRE: This Operation gathered intelligence and "provided a limited surveillance capability, and could fellow a traveler to his hotel." The majority of the activities were focused on acquiring travel manifests from international flights. (MFF) 
Operation LIHABIT: A CIA Mexico City Station photographic surveillance base house targeting the Czechoslovakian Embassy. (MFF)
Operation LIROMANCE: A CIA Mexico City Station audio surveillance operation. (MFF)
Operation LITABBY: One of multiple CIA photographic surveillance base houses targeting the Mexico City Soviet Embassy. (MFF)
Operation MHCHAOS: A domestic and international program that sought to gather information on groups protesting against official policies that were deemed possible threats and subjects who had committed illegal actions targeting Agency and national security interests. (MFF)
Operation MONGOOSE: Operation Mongoose is a notably extensive covert series of programs aimed at destabilizing and removing the Castro regime from power in Cuba. William Harvey the later case officer for Phase II of the Castro plots undertook some of the planning for Operation Mongoose seeking to use extensive amounts of sabotage and paramilitary actions. (MFF) 
Operation YEAST: An infiltration and landing plan for anti-Castro Cuban exiles to provide support for the Bay of Pigs. (MFF)

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A CIA project is usually a large encompassing plot, it requires a long duration and substantial resources. 

Project AECARRERA: A CIA project that supported intelligence gathering using East German nationals with debriefing and propaganda operations.
Project AECOB: A foreign intelligence operation within Soviet controlled Latvia using infiltration and exfiltration of agents. It also involved the recruitment of legal residents of the USSR focusing on Latvia.
Project AMLISP: A foreign intelligence project targeting political and financial holdings, among these targeted locations were those receiving vehicles and military hardware. (MFF)
Project AEREADY: The project was conceived to provide the CIA's Soviet Russia Division with a trained "Hot War" cadre of personnel that could be used during possible hostilities with the Soviet Union.
Project AMSPILL: Use of a Cuban intelligence agent to provide economic and political information for Agency use. (MFF)
Project ANTLERS: The Agency undertook removing a defector from Europe "and into the US without leaving any trace of his true identity." Using forged documents the Agency was able to undertake the mission successfully. (MFF)
Project BECRIPPLE: A project undertaken by the CIA's Berlin Station targeting Polish holdings to establish intelligence operations within Poland using clandestine photographs and monitoring local émigré activities. 
Project BESMIRCH: The operation maintained communications links over the Polish-German border by using legal travelers.
Project BGSPEED: This subproject of BGFIEND was designed to support the propaganda efforts in Albania.
Project BGWOEFUL: This project used Counterespionage activities targeting the area of Slovakia, Hungary.
Project BESMOOTH: A project located in Mexico City that inspected Polish government employees using phone tap and observational intelligence. Targets were noted for possible use and information. (MFF)
Project BUTANE: The Director of Central Intelligence ordered the short-term surveillance of former Agency employee Victor Marchetti " determine his activities and contacts with Agency employees and others in regard to his publications exposing Agency operations." (MFF)
Project CABEZONE: A Defector Reception Center (DRC) in Frankfurt, Germany.
Project CADROWN: Project CADROWN was developed to support Project TPEMBER by forming a paramilitary apparatus of East German agents.
Project CATOMIC: An intelligence project targeting the Soviet Embassy in Bonn, Germany.
Project CAUTERY:  The project was developed to induce Communist defectors and debrief refugees to generate intelligence leads concerning likely defectors in Soviet controlled East Germany. 
Project CELOTEX-1: Months long Agency surveillance of Washington Post reporter Michael Getler to determine his source of classified information appearing in his news column. (MFF)
Project CELOTEX-2: Extended Agency surveillance of media figures that includes Jack Anderson, Les Whitten, Brit Hume, and Joseph Spear. The project sought to learn "...the source of classified Agency information appearing in Anderson's syndicated columns." (MFF)
Project HARVARD: A project initially designed to provide safe houses and operational aid facilities for CIA activities in Germany.
Project HARPSTAR: An undertaking by the Agency to gather intelligence using female informants that were sent to engage in relationships with President Sukarno of Indonesia. A female agent was used in attempts to influence Sukarno' actions as well. Agency funds were sent to Twentieth Century Fox studios to further substantiate the cover of one "actress" used for the program.
Project JBPARSON: An Albania holding/training camp in West Germany. associated with Project BGFIEND.
Project LIANCHOR: A program to create an Agency controlled "leftist" Press Service that distributed political articles in South American countries. (MFF)
Project MERRIMAC: "Office of Security proprietary agents covertly monitored dissident groups in the Washington area considered potential threats to Agency installations and personnel. In addition, Office of Security field offices collected intelligence
on dissident groups." (MFF)
Project MHDOZEN: A planned collaborative effort by the CIA and FBI to undertake technical surveillance of the Soviet Embassy in Washington D.C. Among the security concerns was blowback in the form of increased attacks on the US Embassy in Moscow.
Project MKNAOMI: The Central Intelligence Agency and United States Army collaborated from 1952 until 1970 to develop biological and chemical substances for various uses that included killing and incapacitating enemy targets. (MFF)
Project NORFOLK: A project used to provide female companionship for a visiting dignitary. Additional visits and a property for meeting was obtained. The efforts were to gather intelligence. According to the female informant, part of the project included allegations of the Agency indicating sex with the target would be beneficial. The Agency used aliases and implied State Department associations.
Project OBHUNT: A subproject of Project BGFIEND seeking to use infiltration teams to establish and assist Albania resistance forces.
Project OBLIVIOUS: The National Committee for Free Albania that served as a project created by the CIA to support Albanian
resistance forces.
Project OBSIDIOUS: A team constructed to launch "infiltration missions into Albania via airdrops or overland to organize underground resistance, establish safe houses, collect operational intelligence, and to spread propaganda". 
Project OBTEST: This subproject of BGFIEND sought to broadcast radio propaganda into Albania.
Project OBTUSE: A subproject of BGFIEND focused on propaganda activities targeting Soviet controlled Albania.
Project OMEGA: A plan by paramilitary exile groups to unseat the Castro regime and liberate Cuba led by probable Cuban intelligence agent Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. (MFF)
Project PARAGON: A domestic surveillance project the CIA used for targeting an alleged New Orleans urban guerilla group. One named in connection was Frances Herbert who had "allegedly developed ties with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison." (MFF)
Project PBCRUET: This project sought to create clandestine radio contacts with groups inside the Ukraine to exploit them for penetration of the USSR and to establish resistance groups and undertake psychological warfare. 
Project QKDEMON: A psychological warfare project producing and disseminating covert propaganda against the Soviet Union and its satellites.   
Project QKENCHANT: Provided security approvals for non-Agency personnel and facilities. Such approvals were required so that Agency personnel could meet individuals to discuss proposed projects, activities, and possible relationships. (MFF)
Project QKREPAIR: A project seeking to establish a safe zone in Central Austria to launch escape and evasion operations.
Project SGHOUSE: The purpose of this accounting project was to provide money for administrative purposes via an unvouchered funds account. (MFF)
Project SLEEPER: A Cuban official and informant who penetrated various Communist political circles to provide information for the Agency. (MFF)
Project TPEMBER: A project seeking to expose and prevent illegal acts by Soviet officials in East Germany.
Project TPRANSACK: A covert program designed to disrupt leftist groups by using the International Federation of Journalists. (MFF)
Project WIROGUE: A plan designed to recruit agents for intelligence gathering, sabotage, and proposed assassinations. (MFF)
Project ZRLYNCH: A foreign intelligence operation to recruit Soviet citizens and members of the Latvian Resistance to serve as CIA assets in Latvia.

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Research accepted into the Mary Ferrell Foundation Collections (MFF)
Research by: C.A.A. Savastano