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Aliases are false identities generated to conceal someone generated by officials, intelligence agencies, criminals, and several paramilitary groups.  

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Most Recent Additions: Danilo Freitas, Leopold Chernetsky, John Jacques Berger 

John Jacques Berger: Jose Marie Andre Mankel (CIA contracted agent used in African operations)
Leopoldo Chernetsky: Leo Cherne (CIA Analyst and member of several US advocacy groups)
Danilo Freitas: Daniel Flores (Directorate for Plans Special Affairs Staff)
Hugh W. Newstead (P.O. Box Alias): E. Howard Hunt (CIA Officer involved in anti-Castro exile operations)
Harold Francis Safley: Harold Francis Swenson (CIA supervisor for Headquarters Counterintelligence Staff)
William Walker: William K. Harvey (CIA Officer who designed multiple sabotage and political assassination operations)

Frank Fiorini, Fred Frank Fiorini, Fred Attile, Frank Campbell, Frank Attila, Frank Bonelli: Frank Sturgis (Former Castro regime official, anti-Castro mercenary, paramiltary trainer, and CIA informant)
Robert A. Nolan, Joe A. Cramer, Joe A. Kramer, Joe Crane: Richard Case Nagell (Former military intelligence officer who suffered serious brain injuries and later made unverified claims regarding the assassination of President Kennedy)

Brand: Emilio Adolfo Rivero Caro (*Furnished by Matthew Scheufele)

Angelo Bruno: Tancredi Tortora (United States Mafia leader of Philadelphia, Pennslyvania)
Sam Flood, Sam Mooney, Momo Salvatore Giancana, Albert Manusco, Alberto Masusco, Anthony de Bendo,
J. A. Collins, Russell Paige, John de Santos, Morris Simon, R. Costa, Sam Morris
 (additional similar alias variations
of those prior listed are in the document as well): Sam Giancana
 (United States Mafia leader of Chicago, Illinois)
Johnny Roselli: Filippo Sacco (Mafia hitman approached by the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro and repeatedly associated with CIA
Officer William Harvey)

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Research by: C.A.A. Savastano 
Contributions by other
Neapolis Media Group researchers are noted by (*)