Central Intelligence Agency Castro Assassination Plots

                     Former Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro

The Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations prior approved the assassination of Fidel Castro. Yet the Central Intelligence Agency privately collaborated with several militant Cuban exile groups, domestic paramilitary groups, independent criminals, and the Mafia to undertake these operations. Most Agency leadership did not anticipate other groups might undertake similar hostile operations. Ranging from the use of poison to military trained snipers, the plots were extensive and illegal. President's Commission member Allen Dulles authorized the original clandestine assassination plan; he later withheld his role and the evidence from the President's Commission investigation.

Castro Plots Documents

        Former CIA Director and President's                   Commission Member Allen Dulles

        Former CIA Director and President's                   Commission Member Allen Dulles

Document 1: Reveals the authorization and foreknowledge of the Castro plots by Allen Dulles and select members of the CIA and Mafia.


Document 2: Portions of a related CIA document with a brief summary regarding the Castro plots. 


Deputy Inspector General Scott Breckenridge faced a Congressional inquiry regarding the Castro plots. During his testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, discussion commenced on the issue of whether or not a recorded Castro plot session existed. The possible tape sought by the Committee would potentially include Agency leaders Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, and Sheffield Edwards discussing the Castro plots in 1960. Breckenridge states it is possible that such a tape exists. Unmentioned is the possibility of other taped sessions as well.

The Agency possessed taping facilities that officials installed in various areas before the Castro plots began. If the conversation occurred in the offices of the Director or Deputy Director of Central Intelligence it faced taping systems. Similarly, if a meeting took place in the offices of the Director or Deputy Director of Security it faced possible recording. The Inspector General's office also possessed a recording system.

Allen Dulles and Richard Bissell were Director and Deputy Director of the Agency; both were verifiably involved in the Castro plots. The Director of Security was James O' Connell among those who also participated in the Castro plots. The Inspector General's office would later review the matter of possible tapes. It is reasonable to conclude that one of multiple systems would likely have recorded one of the plotting sessions. The destruction of such items would again constitute the suppression of relevant evidence.

The Central Intelligence Agency responded to the Congressional inquiry regarding the existence of a taped meeting. The Agency states, "Records of tapes in our Office of Security has no information which would indicate whether or not a tape recording was made of "the meeting between Messrs. Dulles, Bissell, and Edwards in September 1960 when the Mafia operation against Castro was discussed."

Yet the prior memo suggests that subsequent Agency Director Richard Helms may have destroyed the Castro tapes. The memo addressing the matter states, "Will we supply a copy of the report of such reviews as were made by the Inspector General of the destruction of tapes at the time Mr. Helms was preparing to leave the Agency?" It is likely Helms cast the tapes into bureaucratic oblivion. 

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