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Pseudonyms are false names used for a person or group often associated with intelligence work, they are utilized by authors, journalists, and others seeking to prevent their identities from being publicly known.

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Most Recent Additions: Thomas B. Casasin, Walter P. Haltigan, Harold S. Whiting 
Research accepted by the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC)

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                                                           THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA, the Agency, the Company) 
Mr. Abbot (*Furnished by Matthew Scheufele) David Atlee Phillips (CIA Foreign Intelligence Chief Officer in Mexico City)
Jeremy K. Benedum: George Frederick Munro (Former Agency FBI Liaison living in Mexico City) (AARC)
Thomas B. Casasin: Jacques Richardson (CIA Officer who considered using Lee Harvey Oswald for intelligence purposes)
Harold E. Dahlgren: Oliver N. Aimack (CIA Western Hemisphere Division officer who dealt with some matters related to George de Mohrenschildt in Haiti) (AARC) 
Charles S. Guymers: Serafino Romualdi (Romualdi was a labor and trade union leader who provided information to the CIA) (AARC)
Walter P. Haltigan: James M. Flint (Chief of the Paris Station Soviet Section)
Thomas K. Jadwin: Bronson Tweedy (Africa Division leader, Chief of Eastern Europe Division, and Deputy Director of the CIA) (AARC) 
Dudley P. Jentons: J. Deering Danielson (Danielson was a staff employee at CIA's JMWAVE Station)(AARC)
Pickney E. Lynade:  Richard Bissell ( He served as the Agency Deputy Director for Plans and was the architect of the Bay of Pigs)
Morgan O. Maestri: Roddy B. Lyons (CIA employee) (AARC)
Samuel G. Orrison: Stanley Moos (CIA Officer involved with the Bay of Pigs and under the control of Mexico City Station) (AARC)
Harold S. Whiting: Frank Wisner (He served as the Agency Deputy Director for Plans and was a former member of the Office of
Strategic Services.)

Mr. Trathcante: Santos Trafficante (U.S. Mafia leader of Tampa, Florida)

UNIDAD REVOLUCIONARIA (UR, Anti-Castro militant group) 

                                                                                   (The Black Falcons were a division of the UR)
Atila: Jose Antonio Darla Rodriguez  (Black Falcons member)
Brito: Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayaia (Black Falcons member)
Cazador: Luis Poveda Carriles (Black Falcons member)
Combate: Antonio Cuesta Del Valle (Black Falcons member)
Duncan: Ramon Cubenas Conde (Black Falcons member)
François: Ramon Font Samuel (Black Falcons member)
Guajiro: Raul Gonzales (Black Falcons member)
Horacio: Hector Febles (Military coordinator of the Black Falcons)
Jackie: Manuel Rodriguez Treto (Black Falcons member)
Jose: Eduardo Perez Gonzalez (Black Falcons member)
Marcos: Roberto Fuentes Planas (Black Falcons member)
Maxi: Maximino Casal Fernandez  (Black Falcons member)
Nazi: Jose Roberto Gallinat Sanz (Black Falcons member)
Ocampo: Bonifacio Herrera (Black Falcons member)
Oswaldo: Jose Lopez (Commander of the Black Falcons)
Rauling: Raul Gramatges (UR Black Falcons member)
Al Smith: Julio G. Garcia (Military advisor of the UR Black Falcons)
Tulio: Jose Dorrego Diego (Black Falcons member)
Ulises: Juan Gonzalez Perez (Black Falcons member)  

UR Ally
Si-Jen: Chao Kuo Tse (National Coordination Cuban-Chinese Anti-Communist Alliance)

                   GENERAL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTORATE (Dirección General De Inteligencia, DGI, Cuban Intelligence Service, G-2 )
Federico: Alfredo Mirabal Diaz (Cuban Embassy Consul in Mexico City and DGI Officer)
Gualterio: Earle Perez Friman (Cuban Intelligence officer that defected and returned to Cuban service) 

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Research by: C.A.A. Savastano 
Contributions by other
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