Wall Street Window Podcast goes "Undercover"

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Join your host Mike Swanson and author C.A.A. Savastano to discuss a spy training film directed by Hollywood notable John Ford and created by the US Office of Strategic Services that provided some necessary guidance to future agents.

The Past America Century reviews Allen Dulles

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Historian Mike Swanson and The Past American Century podcast return with author C.A.A. Savastano to discuss the historical successes and failures of Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles. They consider whether he is truly the mastermind of lore or perhaps his legend is founded upon less than substantial evidence.

The Facts and Myths of Mind Control

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Is mind control possible? The Ochelli Effect features a discussion of claims and evidence regarding the possibilities and limitations of mental influencing. These claims regarding such techniques and their possible use in multiple historical assassinations is reviewed.

Disturbed Men II

Disturbed Men II

Among the regular criticism offered by those who oppose a feasible conspiracy regarding the assassination of President Kennedy is the Central Intelligence Agency would not use Lee Harvey Oswald because of his alleged character and unstable lifestyle. Yet official documents prove that is not the case and when Oswald is compared to some cases of highly unstable operatives and unsavory former enemies the Agency used, Oswald comparatively is the most stable choice offered. Despite asserting mental instability would preclude official use by the CIA, the evidence reveals it certainly did not…

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