JFK 101 Part 16: The Present JFK Case

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The first season of a nearly two-year sixteen-episode journey assessing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy ends in this episode of the Ochelli Effect's JFK 101 series. Author Larry Hancock, researcher C.A.A. Savastano, and your host Chuck Ochelli return to offer developments in the case and ideas about the next season of JFK 101.

Operation Mongoose Documents

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A selection of over twenty notable documents largely from the new JFK Records releases that present additional details regarding Operation MONGOOSE and related officials. Among the files are documents regarding Phase I (Course A), Phase II (Course B), Special Group Augmented meetings, and one related official's view of Mongoose Chief Edward Landsdale being a "kook...wildman" and "just plain crazy". #JFK #CIA #MONGOOSE

Cuban Relations

Cuban Relations

In the Central Intelligence Agency files regarding Cuba under the Batista regime, Fidel Castro "manages to get himself involved in many things that do not concern him." "Beginning in 1948, the activities of Fidel Castro came to be of increasing concern to the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States Government (USG)." Despite the allegations of some officials, no direct link to Communism was established in Castro's history until after hostilities with the United States. "In fact, Agency support for the peaceful transfer of power from Batista to a democratically elected successor and amnesty for Castro and his followers...was proposed in a memorandum from the Inspector General in November 1957...

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