Project ZRRIFLE update


An expansion of the Primary Evidence Collections Project ZRRIFLE section with new documents from the 2017 JFK Records release, additional photography, and additional project files, summaries, and timelines.  #ZRRIFLE #QJWIN #JFK 

Castro Plots update

Castro Plots TItle.png

A newly updated section with additional details about the CIA assassination plots targeting Fidel Castro, seven new documents from the 2017 JFK files, and multiple detailed summaries and timelines of the organization and development of various  related plots from the official files. #JFK #evidencematters 

The Man About Town

A further review of the man several officials feasibly did not identify in Dallas, who bought a new rifle for a hunting trip, was the subject of prior FBI reports noting threats to JFK, and who dined near Dealey Plaza on the morning of November 22, 1963.

RION: John and Jo Beth Hill


The statement of Jo Beth Hill placing herself and her husband blocks from Dealey Plaza around the time of President Kennedy's assassination. While her statement does not infer a definite nefarious connection, it does support unknown possibly armed men in the area could largely escape official notice. #JFK #Evidence 

RION: Manuel Ray


A notable document supports Cuban Exile leader Manuel Ray Rivero planned to betray the CIA. It reveals despite his abundant funding and support provided by CIA officials, he attributed his group's failures to the Agency.  This document and a brief statement of his background are offered for your review. #JFK #Cuba 

RION: Manuel Artime Buesa


A document which proves Agency "golden boy" Manuel Artime Buesa and his Cuban exile operations were funded nearly five million dollars by the CIA to cover operations from June 1963 to June 1964. Officials would eventually realize that autonomous groups similar to the Artime's were threats and that not all of their operational expenses were traceable by accounting. #JFK #Evidence 

RION: Richard S. Cain



Richard S. Cain was a Police Officer, Mafia associate, Sherriff's Investigator, CIA and FBI informant, and Cuban exile contact. One CIA document offers his claims that the Fair Play for Cuba Committee had a secret meeting to discuss the assassination of JFK. The question is what purpose Cain served in attempting to lay the blame at the feet of the FPCC. #JFK #Evidence 

RION: Manuel "Tony" Varona


The statement of Manuel "Tony" Varona recounts a meeting about Cuba between him and featured Mafia notable Meyer Lansky. The CIA quickly warns Varona to stay away from Lansky, to which Varona seemingly complies. Yet Lansky associate and Mafia leader Santos Trafficante later suggests Varona for use in the Castro Plots. #JFK #Evidence