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Reviewing the multiple claims offered by anti-Castro Cuban exile Antonio Veciana Blanch. He asserts meeting Lee Harvey Oswald and "Maurice Bishop" who he alleged was a CIA employee prior to the Kennedy assassination. Veciana claimed decades later that Bishop was CIA officer David Atlee Phillips. The statements of both officials and Veciana are compared to evidence.

THE MAN ABOUT TOWN                
Synopsis: Inspecting an unknown figure within the Kennedy Assassination case and feasibly identifying him as John Henry Hill using details in the official evidence. Hill is rich Texas oilman that prior supported of President Kennedy, but soon opposed his administration's enforcement of Civil Rights and its appointees derailing a lucrative financial deal he designed. Several witnesses allege he made assassination threats against Kennedy prior to the assassination. Hill and his wife both were in downtown Dallas the morning of November 22, 1963 shopping for a hunting trip.

An inquiry focusing on former Dallas Policeman Roscoe White and the enduring but unsubstantiated claims that some deem are compelling. Despite the significant past evidence offered, proponents and at least one future book is due for release promoting claims that White killed President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit. Prior and additional evidence from officials and public sources is assessed and the evolving statements of those involved are revealed.