Castro Plots documents update

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Presenting eight additional documents within the 2017 JFK Records files related to the Castro assassination plots.  Among them are two extended lists of those with knowledge of the plots that includes Sidney Gottlieb, Robert Bannerman, Jake Esterline, Edward Gunn, and Cornelius Roosevelt. Also included is related testimony, summaries, and timelines that offer further details and dates of importance for your inspection. #JFK #Castro #assassination #evidence


Castro Plots update

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A newly updated section with additional details about the CIA assassination plots targeting Fidel Castro, seven new documents from the 2017 JFK files, and multiple detailed summaries and timelines of the organization and development of various  related plots from the official files. #JFK #evidencematters 

The Death and Times of a Gangster

The Death and Times of a Gangster

Many criminals associated with various organized crime families have been the enemies of American law enforcement since the early twentieth century. However, the Central Intelligence Agency contacted a small but notable minority of Mafia leaders and members for use in political assassinations. The target was Fidel Castro, the reasoning questionable, and the unintended flaws numerous. Some of the Castro Plots had multiple phases, each with different leaders and focus on vastly different methods. The only Mafia personality that was verifiably part of multiple plot phases was Filippo Sacco, better known as Johnny Roselli.

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RION: Manuel "Tony" Varona


The statement of Manuel "Tony" Varona recounts a meeting about Cuba between him and featured Mafia notable Meyer Lansky. The CIA quickly warns Varona to stay away from Lansky, to which Varona seemingly complies. Yet Lansky associate and Mafia leader Santos Trafficante later suggests Varona for use in the Castro Plots. #JFK #Evidence 

CIA Security Files update

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Three new CIA Security Files are offered for your inspection. The file of Richard Snyder, American consul and CIA operative, he spoke with Lee Harvey Oswald at the American Embassy during his Russian defection. Additionally, the files of two men among the handful with direct knowledge of the CIA Castro plots Edward Morgan and James O'Connell. ‪#‎CIA‬ ‪#‎JFK‬