JFK Lancer NID 2016 Conference Presentation Evidence

Author Carmine Savastano's evidence regarding the subjects he discussed at the JFK Lancer 2016 Conference. For all those who could not attend the conference we invite you to review the newly added Oswald Timeline Myth.   

Myths and Legends in the JFK Case:
Myth 1: The Castro Tapes http://tpaak.com/cia-castro-plots
Legend 1: Guy Banister had no connection to the CIA http://tpaak.com/related-individuals-of-note
Myth 2: The Walker Allegations http://tpaak.com/walker-allegations
Legend 2: The Rafael Cruz Story http://tpaak.com/cruz-story
Myth 3: The Oswald Timeline Myth http://tpaak.com/the-oswald-timeline-myth