Deception and Secrets

Deception and Secrets

It will come as no surprise to those with any familiarity with the internal actions undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency that deception and protecting vital secrets are undeniable necessities for national security. However, some activities venture far beyond what is necessary and despite contrary official statements, other actions have repeatedly occurred not from necessity but agenda. Deciphering what is merely operational requirement and what is possibly nefarious intention can prove difficult at times. There is significant evidence while officials frequently employ benign deception at times questionable and dishonest agendas too are in play...

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CIA Fitness Reports update

CIA Fit R (gray).png

A collection of CIA Fitness Reports with most regarding the years 1963-1964, each reveals some personal information and employee assignments. Among those featured are David Atlee Phillips, George Joannides, E. Howard Hunt, Anne Goodpasture, Boris Tarasoff, and Thomas Keenan. #CIA #JFK #TPAAK