PROJECT ZRRIFLE Chief William K. Harvey and CIA AGent Jose Mankel aka QJWIN

In addition to the Castro Plots with the Mafia, these connected undertakings were designed by the CIA and included multiple criminal members. CIA Officer William Harvey reportedly began Project ZRRIFLE officially in 1961 despite prior CIA communications and contacts with Jose Marie Andre Mankel (QJWIN). The plots included the proposed use of poison, plans for additional paramilitary actions, and hiring clandestine assassins to potentially remove multiple foreign leaders threatening official agendas. The operations largely relied on the main agent QJWIN to assess and spot potential sabotage agents or assassins. It later incorporated a second agent charged with spotting potential assassins David Tzitzichvili (WIROGUE) and counted among the potential targets for assassination was Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba. 

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Altman meets Mankel: A cable that states Altman met Mankel (QJWIN) and that Mankel has accepted the offer to travel to Leopoldville in the Congo. (National Archives and Records Administration Identification Number: 104-10185-10011)
QJWIN ZRRIFLE Operational Papers: A collection of documents relaying the CIA relationship with QJWIN (Jose Marie Andre Mankel) a recruiter for potential assassins to use against targeted world leaders. (NARA ID: 1994.04.06.10:53:49:400005)
Future Cover and Move Dispatch: The document reports on the progress of QJWIN and establishing his future cover, it contains a photograph of Jose Marie Andre Mankel. (NARA ID: 104-10185-10349)
Project ZRRIFLE Handwritten Outline: The unredacted prior description and notes related to Project ZRRIFLE. William Harvey was the Agency supervising officer for this project, Task Force W, and Staff D. Harvey met with various criminals and Cuban exiles to undertake the assassination of Fidel Castro. He was advised by Mafia notable Johnny Roselli, and enlisted potential assassin Jose Marie Andre Mankel for use in operations and the recruitment of additional operatives. Some information is repeated and refined over the course of the draft. (NARA ID: 104-10150-10086)
Project ZRRIFLE reauthorization: The later reauthorization of Project ZRRIFLE by Deputy Director of Plans (DDP) Richard Helms in 1963. (NARA ID: 1993.08.12.13:06:08:930005)
QJWIN's CIA Contract: The document reveals the identity of QJWIN is Jose Marie Andre Mankel and discusses his written and oral contracts with the CIA and his status as an independent contractor. (NARA ID: 104-10185-10409)
QJWIN's Business cover: This communication states that QJWIN utilized his ally Yugoslavian Major Djurorie Dujare Djurorie (DMLIVID-1) to smuggle worthless industrial diamonds to Italy to make contact with a CIA arranged contact representing himself as a QJWIN associate. The contacting CIA officer could then assess the potential for recruitment of Djurorie in Rome, Italy. (NARA ID: 104-10185-10060)
QJWIN Report on Candidates: A listing of candidates for consideration "spotted" by QJWIN that were considered for CIA operational use. (NARA ID: 1994.03.11.16:07:16:500005)
Regarding Oliver Altman Pseudonym: The document states that "Altman" was Justin O' Donnell the CIA representative of Agency Officer Richard Bissell in matters related to the Congo. (NARA ID: 104-10310-10215



CIA WIROGUE Compiled File III: A third volume in the compiled Agency records pertaining to David Tzitzichvili. It  contains a wide range of documents from several portions of Tzitzichvili's life and extensive biographic information. (NARA ID: 104-10182-10057)
CIA WIROGUE Compiled File IV: A fourth volume in the compiled Agency records pertaining to David Tzitzichvili that contains files documenting many details of his operation undertakings and associations. (NARA ID: 104-10182-10052)
WIROGUE-1 Biographic and Operational information: A document listing operational and biographic information on WIROGUE-1 aka David Tzitzichvili. (NARA ID: 104-10182-10059)
Summary of WIROGUE Mission: A summary that contains biographic and operational information related to WIROGUE-1 aka David Tzitzichvili. (NARA ID: 104-100059-10238)

Notes, Summaries, and Timelines:
Project ZRRIFLE Chronology: A brief timeline of Project ZRRIFLE and some information regarding those involved within the
planning and operational structure. (NARA ID: 157-10004-10068)
Eisenhower Special Group Congo summary: The document summarizes discussion about the Congo during a meeting of the Eisenhower Administration's Special Group of advisers.  During this discussion the tactic of "getting rid of Lumumba" is among the feasible paths to forward United States national security interests. (NARA ID: 157-10004-10152)
Rockefeller Commission Summary of Plans to Assassinate Foreign Leaders: A detailed summary that reviews multiple CIA plots to assassinate foreign officials, among them is Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba. While the Commission decided the CIA had not killed Lumumba, it had prior discussed repeatedly and was orchestrating assets to undertake such action. (NARA ID: 178-10003-10241)
Short Timeline of Related Assassination Programs: Among the multiple programs listed in this document is a section on the developing assassination plot against Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba that states "Bissell allegedly contacted O'Donnell about assassinating Lumumba in the fall of 1960." (NARA ID: 157-10004-10153)

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Related Documents:
CIA Plans to Assassinate Foreign Leaders: A section of the President"s (Rockefeller) Commission regarding official assassination ideas  targeting Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba. (NARA ID: 178-10004-10116)  
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