The Man formerly known as James Sutton

The Man formerly known as James Sutton

November 18, 1994, former music producer Bob Vernon spoke before the Assassination Records Review Board. Vernon representing the company Truth Truth Truth Inc. presented the story of James Files another man who claimed to be President Kennedy's assassin. The associated video "Confessions of An Assassin" notes investigator Joe West spent a considerable amount time and money regarding his investigation into the James Files claims. It also remarks that West died before Files could give a full confession, yet Files could have easily saved West months of time by offering verifiable proof or other witnesses that could substantiate his claims, Files never did. West is not the last person to lose time and money chasing the improbable claims of James Files. Bob Vernon would eventually do so as well...

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A Plaza Full of Mirrors

The latest addition to the Improbability Vault is "A Plaza Full of Mirrors" which reviews four different men some have prior claimed were present in Dealey Plaza during the Kennedy assassination. Each claimed person is subjected to verifiable evidence placing them elsewhere. #JFK 

The Walker Allegations

Ignored and contending evidence, witness discrepancies, press rumors, and a victim with a militant agenda.  After reviewing additional evidence several factors render the current official version of the Walker allegations feasibly improbable. #JFK #Evidence