MLK Case Files

Research collected from the files of the Martin Luther King assassination case.


Document 1: A Central Intelligence Agency surveillance operation monitiring Dr. King in Miami, Florida.

Document 2: A Department of Justice Task Force report that notes dozens of FBI and CIA files on Dr. King were destroyed.

Document 3: Official Threats from the FBI and its Director J. Edgar Hoover directed at Dr. King.

Document 4: The Final Report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations detailing the anynomous Citizens Band radio transmission aided in James Earl Ray's escape. 

Document 5: The House Select Committee on Assassinations commenting on the Memphis Police removal and replacement of Dr. King's usual security, and the subsequent removal of the security replacements. 

Security File on Martin Luther King: The compiled files regarding Dr. King collected by the CIA's Office of Security.

Security File on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC): The CIA Office of Security's files on Dr. King's non-violent civil rights group. 

The MLK Crime Scene

The MLK Crime Scene: A photographic collection of the crime scene related to the Martin Luther King Jr. case.