Consolidated CIA Files Update

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Six new evidentiary files are offered on notable CIA figures including Ross Crozier, Henry Lopez, and Jacques Richardson. Additionally provided are two new summaries with photographs for Deputy IG Scott Breckenridge and Emilio A. Rodriguez.

CIA Personal History Statements update

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A collection of CIA Personal History Statements, the files offer extensive information on each subject's private biography in their own words. Among the notable subjects included are CIA Officer David Sanchez Morales, CIA asset Lucien Conein, CIA Dallas group chief James Walton Moore, DRE case officer Ross Crozier, and Mexico City station employees Charlotte Bustos Videla, and Anna and Boris Tarasoff for your review. #JFK #MLK #RFK 

Pseudonyms and Aliases update

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Two pseudonyms and one alias revealed from the evidence. Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) CIA case officer Ross Crozier was given the pseudonym Arthur G.Vaivada. William Harvey is the designer of Project ZRRIFLE, a later stage in the Castro assassination plots and he utilized the pseudonym Daniel M. Presland and the alias William Walker.