Pseudonym and Alias update

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Two new pseudonyms and one alias revealed for your inspection. The pseudonym Oliver Altman belongs to Justin O' Donnell a CIA employee sent to the Congo shortly before the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Cuban Intelligence officer and Cuban Consul Alfredo Mirabal Diaz used the second pseudonym Federico in some communications and CIA analyst Leo Cherne used the alias (his former legal name) Leopold Chernetsky. #CIA #Evidence 

Primary Evidence Collections update

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The various pseudonyms of anti-Castro militants and their group the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) is now added to our Primary Evidence Collections. They include a pseudonym for Antonio Cuesta Del Valle, Combate, and the newest documents offer a brief biography of the group. 

Pseudonyms and Aliases update

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Two pseudonyms and one alias revealed from the evidence. Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) CIA case officer Ross Crozier was given the pseudonym Arthur G.Vaivada. William Harvey is the designer of Project ZRRIFLE, a later stage in the Castro assassination plots and he utilized the pseudonym Daniel M. Presland and the alias William Walker.