Evidence and the Big Easy III

Evidence and the Big Easy III

Upstanding citizens, thugs, killers, con artists, and vagrants populated the seediest areas of the Big Easy. Amid this patchwork of aspiration and desperation, a rumbling in New Orleans began surrounding Jim Garrison's investigation of President Kennedy's death. The New Orleans District Attorney faced several challenges because amid the corridors of power in United States several officials the Kennedy case was closed. Yet Garrison was committed to revealing a plot he believed might include several officials, Cuban exiles, and local figures. Unfortunately, some in the public attempted to malign and obstruct him but this remains overlooked to embrace their other assertions. Yet the legal value of a witness is equal to the consistency of their statements…

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CIA Security Files update

CIA Sec File.png

Three additional CIA Security Files submitted for your inspection. They regard Garrison Investigation witness and Dean Andrews. The second file briefly inspects former FBI employee, RFK appointee, NBC reporter, and Garrison critic Walter Sheridan. The third file offers information concerning noted researcher and former Office of Strategic Services member Harold Weisberg.