The Past American Century Podcast w/ C.A.A. Savastano

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The Past American Century podcast is back! Historian Mike Swanson and researcher Carmine Savastano discuss the Warren Commission and its famous Single Bullet Theory. The official idea is compared to some contending evidence, diverging official expert testimony, and the assumptions required to believe it definitely proves its claims.

The Problematic Single Bullet Theory

The Problematic Single Bullet Theory

A rebuttal to the famous President's "Warren" Commission Hypothesis

The President's (Warren) Commission has generated divisive findings that some declare are conclusive. However, repeated aspects of the of the single bullet theory do not find support from the Commission's own experts. Unfortunately, the lower evidentiary threshold of a "preponderance of evidence" did not require these discrepancies to enjoy additional review.  If an unbiased and complete review occurred, it would regard all testimony by the Commission witnesses. They would not ignore relevant contending evidence to the advantage of their predisposed findings...

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