A Question of Time

Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been employed at the Texas School Book Depository without learning of the job from Ruth Paine.i He then did not plan long in advance to be in the Depository in November. Secret Service Agent Forrest Sorells changed the parade route on November 18, not just before.ii However, the local media did not carry the story with the full route until November 19 at the earliest. Thus, Lee Harvey Oswald had seventy-two hours or less to plan, develop a proven motive for killing President Kennedy the evidence does not infer, and successfully commit the assassination. It requires a man who made so many mistakes to encounter no problems or commit a vital error.

Most substantial contending evidence additionally weighs on the prior official claims. Now consider that Oswald needed to work and sleep, each subtracts time. On November 21 Oswald visits his family, plays with his daughter on the lawn, and dines with the Paines. He then watches television for while, and goes to bed early at 9 pm.iii Subtract the entirety of this period of time. On November 22 he leaves for work at 7:15 am, his time has run out. 

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