RFK Case Files

Research collected from the primary evidence of the Robert F. Kennedy case.

Official Surveillance

Document 1: Surveillance of Senator Kennedy reported to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Document 2: A press report detailing a prior death threat to Senator Kennedy.

Document 3:  A list of the official eyewitness testimony supporting the killing shots to Senator Kennedy were beyond the convicted suspect's physical power. Among the factors considered is that Sirhan Sirhan's weapon is facing the Senator and cannot allow him to make a rear shot from two or less inches away. 

Document 4: Official medical evidence supports the shots to Senator Kennedy were delivered close and from behind the Senator's position in the Ambassador Pantry. Three shots hit the Senator, the final one from behind just inches from his head. The medical evidence and most witness evidence supports that Sirhan Sithan could not fire these shots.

The RFK Crime Scene

The RFK Crime Scene:  A photographic collection of the crime scene related to the RFK case.