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This collection of documents reveals the official interest in the movements of Senator Kennedy and features some of the public threats which targeted the him. The official surveillance is notable because it was long after he served in the Kennedy administration and officials who eventually sought to ignore all possible criminal threats not leading to Sirhan Bishara Sirhan. The surveillance was not the commonplace because Senator Kennedy was not informed about its occurrence, and it was seemingly not done to help insure his safety. The publicly known threats when considered with other reported attempts prior to the shooting at the Ambassador did not inspire local campaign managers and officials to increase security.

Tentative Plans of Senator Robert Kennedy to visit West Berlin: A document that reveals some CIA officers were interested in Senator Kennedy's possible speech in Germany.(National Archives and Records Identification Number:1993.07.28.17:17:26:560590)

Death Threat to Kennedy: A press report that records a public attack and a death threat made by unknown people directed at Senator Kennedy months before his assassination. 

Eyewitness Accounts: A list of the official eyewitness testimony supporting the killing shots to Senator Kennedy were beyond the convicted suspect's physical power. Among the factors considered is that Sirhan Sirhan's weapon is facing the Senator and cannot allow him to make a rear shot from two or less inches away. 

Gunshot Wound X-Ray Descriptions: Official medical evidence supports the shots to Senator Kennedy were delivered close and from behind the Senator's position in the Ambassador Pantry. Three shots hit the Senator, the final one from behind just inches from his head. The medical evidence and most witness evidence supports that Sirhan Sithan could not fire these shots.