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The Central Intelligence Agency was not always the seeming monolithic structure that now exists; it was comprised of a conglomeration of elements from prior existing military intelligence groups and domestic agencies. Initially leaders envisioned the group would oversee United States intelligence resources and recruit the best expert analysts to interpret sources of information. Domestic officials had prior reserved most historical clandestine operations for wartime military projects such as sabotage, political interference, and assassinations. Yet former military intelligence officials selected to lead the infant group and their historical propensity for questionable operations would overshadow the focus on reliable analysis thus molding the Agency's shadowy modern reputation.

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Consolidated CIA Files: A list of reference summaries, documents, and supporting material related to Central Intelligence Agency agents, assets, employees, and officers.

Historical Structure: A review of the previous evolving structure of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) illustrated with official files. 

Operations and Projects: A collection of decoded Agency operations and projects that includes some internal details previously concealed from the public.

Policy and Resource Documents: Internal reports, policy regulations, security protocols, and operational references.  

Security Files: Documents gathered from the CIA's Office of Security regarding notable individuals and groups.

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