Senator Robert Kennedy

Official documents reveal long concealed insights regarding Robert Kennedy's assassination. Unmentioned are previous assaults on the Senator. Showcased is the ridiculous incompetence or intent of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The LAPD allegedly changed witness testimony and officially destroyed portions of the record before Sirhan had a chance for appeal. 

Critical evidence and expert warnings are disregarded by Sirhan’s early attorneys’. Ignored was evidence and testimony presenting a second possible gunman. Misinformation has obscured from many what scientific evidence later supports. A second possible assassin was hidden at the scene. Robert F. Kennedy was allegedly not murdered by the final lone gunman.

Possible Disinformation

The Third Lone Gunman Theory: Unsurprisingly, the United States government officially declared a third lone gunman in Los Angeles responsible for the Senator’s death. Sirhan Sirhan was perhaps the least trained and qualified suspect. He was possibly molded into an believable and convenient scapegoat. Ignored were a majority of witness testimony, ballistics evidence, and official mistakes. Sirhan Sirhan is marked the final lone assassin in just over five years. 

Mistakes and Suppression

The LAPD: The Los Angeles Police destroyed thousands of pieces of evidence without allowing Sirhan Sirhan to complete his legal appeal. They were reprimanded by multiple official groups for their overt incompetence and attacks on the legal record. Members of the LAPD lost, forgot, and disregarded evidence that did not implicate the official suspect.

The FBI: J. Edgar Hoover and his special agents conducted unsanctioned surveillance upon Senator Kennedy which began during his time as Hoover’s superior. The FBI collected both personal and public information about Robert Kennedy for use against him. Invasive and unsanctioned operations were used to track Kennedy’s every public movement without legal order. Despite FBI statements of non-involvement, official documents prove they were present to launch a full concealed investigation.

The CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency had longstanding influence and power based on operations surrounding the Vietnam War. When Senator Kennedy became a detractor of both the Agency and the War, rogue influences may have conspired against him. The Vietnam War provided funding used in multiple Agency operations. The Kennedy peace agenda would only threaten future Agency schemes.   

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