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Abwehr: The German military intelligence organization that was active during the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties.

Allied Powers: The nations led by the United States, England, and Russia in opposition to the Axis Powers during the Second World War.

Axis Powers: The nations led by Germany, Japan, and Italy in opposition to the Allied Powers during WWII.


Branch: A division of the OSS that was responsible for a designated area of research or operations.

Breakers: A term that represented various groups formed in opposition to the German regime and its crimes.   


Cousins (aka Friends): Positive terms used in official US communications to represent the British.


Detachment: A smaller unit added to a larger group for undertaking specific operational purposes.

Deuxième Bureau: The French “Second Bureau” military intelligence service existed since the later nineteenth century but was it subsequently replaced following WWII.


Espionage: The practice of using spies to acquire intelligence about targeted persons, groups, and nations.


Morale: The mental and emotional status of a person or group that can be influenced to affect their loyalty and commitment to a cause or policy.


Nabors: A term used to represent the Germans who were neighbors to the Switzerland the staging ground for some OSS projects.

Psychological Warfare: Propaganda and other non-combat intelligence operations used to influence opposition forces.


Sabotage: Intentionally obstructing or destroying a person, place, or thing to serve political or military objectives.

Signals Intelligence Service: A US Army's intelligence gathering and cryptographic unit.


Vichy: The German puppet government that Marshall Philippe Petain led in occupied France.

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A-2: Air Intelligence

ABDA: American-British-Dutch-Australian Command

AAF: Army Air Force

ACC: Allied Control Commission in occupied territories

AFHQ: Allied Forces Operational Headquarters in the Western Mediterranean

AFO: Burmese Anti-Fascist Organizations

AFPFL: Burmese Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League

ALFSEA: Allied Land Forces South East Asia

ALIU: Art Looting Investigation Unit

ALOT: American Liaison Officer Team in Italy

AMZON: American Zone of Germany

APC: US Alien Property Custodian

BIA: Burma Independence Army

BIS: Bank for International Settlements

BEW: Board of Economic Warfare

BNA: Burmese National Army

BPF: Burma Patriotic Front

CAPS: A network of intelligence sources located in Switzerland that reported to the OSS.

CALPO: The Free Germany Committee was group of former German soldiers and partisans who fought German forces in the Soviet Union.

CBI: China-India-Burma Theater of Operations

CCS: US and UK Combined Chiefs of Staff

C&D: Censorship and Documents Branch

CE: Counter Espionage

CIB: Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force Counter-Intelligence Branch

CIC (aka G-2): US Army Counter-Intelligence Corps

CLNAI: Committee for Liberation of Upper Italy

COI: Office of the Coordinator of Information (OSS predecessor group)

CSDIC: Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Center

CT (aka CTO): China Theater of Operations

DIP: OSS London’s Division of Intelligence Procurement responsible for intelligence penetration of German areas.

EAM: Greek resistance movement

ECONIC: Economic Intelligence

EOU: Enemy Objectives Unit

ERR: Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (German task force looting art from Jewish victims)

ESD 44: Economic Survey Detachment Group 44

ETO: European Theater of Operations

FAAA Units: First Allied Airborne Army Detachment

FEA: Foreign Economic Administration

FEB: Far Eastern Bureau of the UK India Mission

FED: Foreign Exchange Division

FETO: Far Eastern Theater of Operations

FFI: Free French Forces

FN: OSS Foreign Nationalities Branch

FP: Field Photographic Branch

G-5: US Army Civil Affairs

IAMM: US Independent Military Mission in Yugoslavia

ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross

IDC: Interdepartmental Committee for Acquisition of Foreign Publications

IIU: Insurance Intelligence Unit

INA: Indian National Army

ITF: International Federation of Transport Workers

ISLD: British Intelligence Inter-Service Liaison Department within the Middle and Far East

JA: Jewish Agency for Palestine

JCS: US military Joint Chiefs of Staff

JIC: Joint Intelligence Committee

KMT: Kuomintang Chinese nationalist party

MA: Military Attache

MAN: German resistance group that conducted attacks and sabotage against the ruling leadership.

MPAJA: Malaysian People’s Anti-Japanese Army

MEDTO: Mediterranean Theater of Operations

METO: Middle East Theater of Operations

MID: US Army Military Intelligence Division

MILORG: Norwegian resistance movement

MIS: CIC War Department Staff Military Intelligence Service

MO: Morale Operations conducted by the OSS Psychological Warfare Unit

MRL: The OSS Maryland Research Laboratory

MU: Maritime Unit

NATO: North African Theater of Operations

NDRC: US National Defense Research Committee

NEI: Netherlands East Indies

OELR: Office of European Labor Research

OG: Operational Commando Groups

OI: Oral Intelligence Branch

OKW: German Armed Forces High Command

ONI: US Office of Naval of Intelligence

OSO: Office of Special Operations

OSS: Office of Strategic Services

OVRA: Kingdom of Italy’s Secret Police

OWI: US Office of War Information

OZNA: Yugoslavian Department for the Protection of the People intelligence group

PLOPS: Planning and Operations Committee

PWB: US Psychological Warfare Board

PWD: Psychological Warfare Division

PWIS: Prisoner of War Information Service

R&A: Research and Analysis Division

R&D: Research and Development Division

RSHA: German government’s Main Security Office

SA: German paramilitary Assault Division (aka storm troopers, brown shirts)

SAARF: Special Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force

SACMED: Supreme Allied Commander of the Mediterranean

SACO: Sino-American Cooperative Organization

SCAP: Supreme Commander Allied Powers

SCI: Special Joint OSS X-2 Branch and MI5 Counter Intelligence Operations

SD: Sicherheitsdienst (German State Security Intelligence Section)

SEAC: Southeast Asia Command

SEATIC: South East Asia Translation and Interrogation Center

SEPALS: Scandinavian Base Camps

SF: Special Funds

SF Detachments: US Special Forces units attached to army groups operating in the European Theater

SFE: Survey of Foreign Experts

SFHQ: US Special Forces Headquarters

SHAEF: Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

SI: Secret Intelligence Branch

SIM: Servizio Informazioni Militari (Italian military Intelligence service)

SIPO: Germany Security Police

SOA: Australian Special Operations

SO: Special Operations Branch

SOU: Ship Observer Unit

SPOC: Joint British and US G-3 Special Project Operations Center

SS: German Security Service

SR: The intelligence section of the Deuxieme Bureau

SSS: SI intelligence teams attached to the US Army under the direction of G-2

SSU: The Strategic Services Unit (descendant group of the OSS)

S&T: Schools and Training

SWPA: South West Pacific Area

UHVR: Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council

WD: US War Department

WRB: War Refugee Board

X-2: Counter Espionage Branch

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