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The Central Intelligence Agency launched several cooperating surveillance operations targeting Dr. King as he rose to prominence and gained the Civil Rights Movement gained traction. However, this intelligence gathering was overshadowed by a huge counterintelligence operation masterminded by J. Edgar Hoover named COINTELPRO that also focused on attempts to harass, intimidate, and destroy Martin Luther King's personal relationships and public credibility. 

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Surveillance on Identity C: A Central Intelligence Agency surveillance operation monitored the activities of Martin Luther King in Miami, Florida that relied on a confidential official informant. (National Archives and Records Administration Identification Number:104-10125-10199)
Security File on Martin Luther King: The compiled files regarding Dr. King collected by the CIA's Office of Security. (NARA ID: 1993.08.13.17:26:14:430059)
Security File on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC): The CIA Office of Security's files on Dr. King's non-violent civil rights group. (NARA ID: 1993.08.05.14:32:12:900028)
Memo regarding J. Edgar Hoover and Martin Luther King: Official Threats from the FBI and its director J. Edgar Hoover directed at Dr. King seeking to intimidate, harass, and discredit him.
Official Contacts Memo: An official document that notes dozens of contacts between the FBI and CIA regarding Dr. King. (NARA ID: 104-10065-10280)