Martin Luther King, his family, and closest friends were subject to repeated threats, violence, and intimidation from American officials. The Memphis Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) aggressive tactics against the Civil Rights Movement are revealed in government documents. Repeated years of invasive official surveillance followed Dr. King recording every private meeting possible and officials even target King with an FBI plot to induce his suicide. Congressional findings and evidence infer a possible conspiracy related to the death of Dr. King and his family eventually proved in a US Civil Court that a likely conspiracy occurred. Yet the American media largely overlooked it, most have never heard of the trial or its findings. Only a single allegedly drunken eyewitness is the key to the official case and James Earl Ray’s guilt relies more on his former plea than evidence.

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The Second Lone Gunman Theory: Under incredible circumstances, the United States government officially declared a second lone gunman in Memphis and James Earl Ray was blamed for the death of Dr. King. Ray was even less qualified than Oswald, again evidence, witness testimony, and official mistakes infer a possible conspiracy and these many facts largely refute many claims of another lone gunman.

The Mafia Theory: Seemingly, the murder of John F. Kennedy offered direct benefits to some Underworld leaders, while the assassination of Dr. King was far different and provided no direct benefit for the Mafia. King never turned the powers of his coalition against organized crime as the Kennedy’s did and had no verified association with anyone from the Mafia. The Mafia Theory emerged from inferences and speculation without verified primary evidence and is based on the minority of related witness claims.

Billy Kyles: Billy Kyles was a minor participant in the events peripheral to Dr. King's ambush and Kyles in the years since has consistently supported the statements of Jesse Jackson regarding that day. However, based on official reports and other eyewitness statements some of these claims are questionable and Kyles asserts he was talking with Dr. King just before the assassination but Memphis Police documents do not agree.

Jesse Jackson: Another more recent member of Dr. King’s organization was the later Reverend Jesse Jackson and similar to the claims offered by Billy Kyles, Jackson has offered a documented and changing narrative of the events. Revealed are the possible motivations and reasoning for these statements as official documents place him far away from Dr. King’s side during the assassination and based on the official record Jackson’s account changes over time.

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MLK Investigation Files: A collection of primary documents regarding the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.