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Two Princes And A King reviews the President's (Warren) Commission investigation, which includes their discussions of possible conspiracy and the Commission’s private views. Most officials never expected these ideas to reach the American public, and evidence reveals other legally documented figures were possibly involved in the events. Official sources imply someone was attempting to entrap Lee Harvey Oswald and subsequent research reveals Oswald had less than thirty hours to complete everything alleged based on the official evidence.

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The Communist Oswald: One component in some debates against conspiracy is the idea that no possibility exists of domestic influences participating in the assassination of President Kennedy. Subsequently critics have allowed that if a conspiracy existed it was a Communist one and yet this idea has repeatedly been refuted by most officially and public modern investigations.  

The Lone Gunman Theory: Critics and officials claim that no one but Lee Harvey Oswald murdered both a United States President and Dallas Police officer. They ignore the many various flaws of the Warren Commission Report and Hearings and these claims dismiss all the original evidence and proven schemes conducted by the CIA, FBI, and multiple Executive branches. The evidence and scientific testing provide Lee Harvey Oswald with reasonable doubts and having been denied a trial he retains the legal presumption of evidence.

The Single Bullet Theory: This is a highly questionable theory requiring many stipulations that deviate from a significant portion of the physical and medical evidence. It hinges on the improbable Oswald ignoring that he possibly is without the time, practice, nor position to make the killing shots. It relies on a largely undamaged bullet to account for a majority of the wounds present after the attack in both President Kennedy and Governor Connally. While the idea is not impossible as some claim, it is highly improbable and similar to Oswald's guilt has never been proven beyond reasonable doubts. 

James Files: He claims to be the gunman at the Grassy Knoll; his assertion contains distinct problems since most experts and evidence does not support a Grassy Knoll shot that hit President Kennedy. Files’ story relies on the viewer’s ignorance of the Dallas newspapers appearing before President Kennedy’s murder, FBI surveillance of people he claims were accompanying him in Dallas, and the many inconsistencies in his varied claims. Once reviewed it becomes clear that James Files poor memory or alleged intention might color his story and his claim of a “secret route change” in the Kennedy motorcade additionally renders others untenable.

Judyth Baker: She claims to have been the secret lover and companion of Lee Harvey Oswald for a few months in New Orleans. While she does have some of the circumstances of Oswald’s life correct, it does not mean she ever met the man himself. In reviewing this case many have found nearly every piece of information regarding the alleged sniper and yet there is no mention of her in the legal record. Yet substantial evidence disputes her and repeatedly evolving claims offered by Baker without a shred of proof result in an evolving myth based solely on her claims. 

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