Can the reader independently verify the book’s sources?

Yes. The reader can inspect what long has been dictated as “truth” to the American public for decades. The book offers historic examples of multiple consequences paid by the American people in failed related policies. While some believe the official stories, they have not seen the full record of evidence. Nearly every following American Congressional investigation was denied vital information. The book also reveals intentional destruction of scientific exhibits and repeated claims of altered witness testimony.

Are some claims disproved?

Yes. Two Princes And A King dispels some long standing unproven claims of researchers, officials, and critics. Reasoned facts and official documents substantiate multiple attempts to misinform the public about these events. Speculation and those portions of the case that are mere distraction are removed. The deception and disinformation utilized to hide possible crimes against the American people is revealed.

Do you provide new important information?

Yes. Declassified original evidence and technological advancement finally allow for some conclusive answers. Using government documents, original medical evidence, eyewitness testimony, and media reports enables a clearer understanding of these events.

Is this book different from the many other books available? 

Yes. While many have chosen one aspect of these cases to inspect, Two Princes And A King gives the reader a never before seen macro view, while simultaneously detailing only the substantial internal aspects. Unlike books that base their findings on speculation or mold the facts to personal agendas, this book offers substantial primary evidence.