DGI Historical Structure

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A review of the previous evolving structure of the Dirección General de Inteligencia (DGI, M, M Department, General Directorate of Intelligence) illustrated with official files. Some documents listing internal Directorate organization, and those leaders and departments serving prior and during the King and Kennedy cases.


OFFICE OF THE Director General

The Director General of the DGI closely associates with many Cuban leading officials including "...Fidel Castro" for the coordination of large expenditures. His oversees all departments and agents of the Directorate and maintains contact with "...Soviet advisors of the DGI." Directors may assign deputies to collect intelligence and perform day-to-day operation and they might decide to have lower ranking employees report directly to them.     



                         Director GeneralS of Intelligence

Manuel Piñeiro Losada: (1961-1969) was the moving force behind the formation of the DGI. Losada was charged by Fidel Castro to create an organization to counter Western powers and their plots to assassinate Castro and other clandestine and internal attacks targeting Cuban high officials. Losada maintained direct contact with the Castro brothers, Soviet advisors, and often had direct contact with Field Office leaders. He also cultivated the Cuban intelligence network and funded leftist revolutionary groups following his exit from the DGI as Deputy Minister of the Interior.


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