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 A collection of selected individuals from the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of Security files.

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Dean Adams Andrews 
New Orleans lawyer and former Garrison ally who eventually became a hostile witness. Andrews provided the alias Clay Bertrand and suggested this was an alias used by Clay Shaw. His evolving testimony eventual refuted many of his prior claims. Yet other evidence suggests while some major claims regarding Shaw are unproven, he may have been using the Bertrand alias. 

Orlando Bosch Avila 
He was a Cuban exile militant and terrorist charged but acquitted of a prior attack on Cubana Flight 455. Bosch additionally was a member of both the CIA backed Operation 40 and Insurrectional Movement of Revolutionary Recovery (MIRR). He later formed the anti-Castro Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU) group.

William "Guy" Banister 
He was a former FBI Agent, CIA informant, and anti-Castro militant related to a prior investigation of President Kennedy's assassination in New Orleans conducted by District Attorney Jim Garrison. 

Antonio Carlos Veciana Blanch 
Anti-Castro militant and founder of the Alpha-66 mercenary group that alleges an evolving and unverified contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald, David Atlee Phillips, and James Walton Moore. 

Carlos Jose Bringuier 
Bringuier was an Anti-Castro exile and delegate of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE). Lee Harvey Oswald approached Bringuier for membership in the DRE but he rebuffed Oswald.  Bringuier had a brother among those militants captured Bay of Pigs.  

Richard Scully Cain
He was the companion and driver of Chicago Mafia leader Sam Giancana. Cain had contact with anti-Castro Cuban groups, the CIA, the FBI, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, and various local police forces.

Earling "Jim" Carothers Garrison
He was the New Orleans District Attorney who launched an investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy in 1967 targeting businessperson and CIA informant Clay Shaw.

Meyer Lansky 
A leading force in the developing Mafia, Lansky began his ascension to notoriety controlling a gang with fellow gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, and later allied with Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Meyer Lanksy heavily invested and successfully grew wealthy from multiple sources that included significant Cuban gambling interests. Lansky was deprived of tens of millions of dollars in assets with the ascension of Fidel Castro. The failures of US officials to assassinate or depose Castro prompted Lansky to approach at least one Cuban exile leader to offer aid in their further efforts. 

Manuel Antonio de Varona Loredo 
Among the most prominent anti-Castro exile leaders Tony Varona held multiple important leadership positions in Central Intelligence Agency funded organizations during the early 1960s. He was among the few exile leaders verifiably in contact with members of the CIA, Mafia, paramilitary mercenaries, and anti-Castro leaders during the same period. 

Edward Pierpont Morgan 
Morgan was a former FBI agent and left the Bureau in 1947 to form a legal practice specializing in tax and international law. He later served as the Chief Counsel of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee and eventually was the attorney of CIA employee Robert Maheu and gangster Johnny Roselli who told him about the Agency's Castro plotting with the Mafia.

Jack Leon Ruby
He was a Dallas nightclub owner with criminal and police associations that assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald two days after the death of President Kennedy. 

Walter James Sheridan
Sheridan was a former FBI Investigator for the Special Security Division, a Justice Department employee, and NBC television reporter. Sheridan maintained associations with leading officials including Attorney General Robert Kennedy. He also was pivotal in creating a noted NBC program that would reportedly "bury" Jim Garrison according to CIA officials.

Sergio Vicente Arcacha Smith
Cuban exile and New Orleans delegate of the anti-Castro Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD). Smith was the associate of Guy Banister and anti-Castro militant David Ferrie. 

Harold Weisberg
Reporter, former member of the Office of Strategic Services, Senate investigator, and researcher Harold Weisberg was among the staunchest critics of the Warren Commission. He also was among those researchers influencing the Garrison case and wrote multiple books regarding the cases of President Kennedy, Dr. King, and Senator Kennedy.

Guy Banister Associates, Inc
A financially unsuccessful detective agency in New Orleans that was operated by William "Guy" Banister. The CIA considered using Banister's company yet its declining finances and lack of reliable information prevented such an association. Among those employed by Banister infrequently were Jack Martin and David Lewis, each has offered repeated unproven assertions and myths about the Kennedy case.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference
The political organization led by Dr. Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights Movement that inspired legal changes in the United States.

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