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Documents and compiled files on various Central Intelligence Agency policies and internal reference materials. The documents offer a view into the historical policy making and internal reference materials created by the Agency for its varied operations.   

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The 201 System Guide: A guide created by Central Intelligence Agency officials that was declassified during prior Congressional investigations. The documents present major features of the Agency's filing policies and internal procedures. 
Covert Security Approval policies: This file documents the system in which the Agency granted covert security approvals to people and businesses. The document states the various requirements and instructions for undertaking the covert security approval process. These policies were important to Agency Project QK-Enchant.  
Paper on Counterintelligence: Written by former Central Intelligence Agency officer Woodbury Carter, the paper discusses the hallmarks and problems associated with counterintelligence operations used by government agencies. Carter attended West Point Academy, possessed degrees and certificates in advanced mathematics, applied physics, international studies, and management. He served in the US Army Counterintelligence Corp during the occupation of Japan and joined the CIA in 1950. Carter was awarded multiple honors including the Intelligence Medal of Merit and several commendations. He retired from the Agency and years later returned as an independent contractor.  

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Cuban Mug Book and Key Book Volume 1: A collection of pictures and associated information on Cuban nationals of interest to the Central Intelligence Agency for possible intelligence and security purposes. 
Cuban Mug Book Volume 2: Additional information gathered on Cuban nationals and photographs used by the CIA for identification and operational purposes.
Cuban Mug Book Volume 3: The third in a series of reference photographs gathered on Cuban nationals and used by the CIA for identification and operational purposes. 
Cuban Mug Book Volume 4: A fourth installment in the series of reference photographs gathered on Cuban nationals and used by the CIA for identification and operational purposes. 
Finder's Aid to documents contained in 201-289248 (Lee Harvey Oswald):  A guide that offers brief notations and summaries about some files contained within the many volumes of Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA 201 File. 
Glossary and Abbreviations List of Historical Intelligence Terms: A list of various terms and abbreviations used within intelligence documents and operations. 
Russian Defector Study: A CIA draft study reviewing American defectors to the Soviet Union, the study includes Lee Harvey Oswald.

Research by: C.A.A. Savastano