CIA Personal History Statements

A series of documents and supplemental reports used for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employment applications, debriefing subjects of interest, and updated by Agency employees when requested for advancement and security purposes.  

File 1: Lucien Emile Conein
Conein was a notable Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Central Intelligence Agency military trained spy involved in several intelligence operations. His activities ranged from Cold War anti-Communist operations to advising South Vietnamese generals before they assassinated South Vietnamese President Diem.

File 2: Ross Lester Crozier
Ross Crozier was among the Agency's case officers handling the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE). The DRE was a paramilitary anti-Castro Cuban exile group supported and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. 

File 3: Daniel Flores 
Flores was a file clerk and prior served in the US Marines. He was employed by the Agency's Directorate for Plans on its Special Affairs Staff. Flores used the alias Danilo Freitas.  

File 4: William King Harvey
Harvey served in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and later joined the Central Intelligence Agency. He directly oversaw Phase II of the Castro plots, and other covert projects such as the ZR/Rifle link him directly to covert assassination planning. Harvey also led Staff D, a CIA Staff group that concentrated on the penetration of enemy signals intelligence. 

File 5: Balmes Nieves Hidalgo Jr.
Hidalgo was a CIA officer who testified in a formerly classified Executive Session of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). He possessed longstanding connections to multiple people associated with the JFK assassination case. Hidalgo's Agency operations included collection of information, anti-Communist counterintelligence, and he performed some work from the CIA's JM Wave station.

File 6: William Hamilton Martin
 A National Security Agency employee that later defected to Russia and compromised multiple US intelligence programs. He vanished after his defection. Martin subsequently appeared in Moscow with his accomplice and former NSA employee Bernon F. Mitchell and was granted Soviet citizenship.

File 7: James Walton Moore
He managed a small CIA Field Office within Dallas in 1963. Moore had multiple contacts with George de Mohrenschildt a known associate of Lee Harvey Oswald. De Mohrenschildt claimed they discussed Oswald significantly before the assassination of President Kennedy.       

File 8: David Sanchez Morales
The Agency officer undertaking multiple suspicious operations from the once secret JM Wave station located near Miami, Florida. Morales has been accused of involvement in multiple assassinations. 

File 9: Adrian Fisher Sherman
Sherman was trained in the US Armyand served in military intelligence groups during the 1940s. The Department of the Air Force employed his wife and General Edward G. Lansdale witnessed his statement. 

File 10: Richard Edward Snyder
Snyder took part in Agency operations notable among them was his time in the American Consulate in Helsinki, Sweden. While serving there he encountered the brash young American defector Lee Harvey Oswald and did not process Oswald's request to renounce his American citizenship. Additionally, Oswald's choice of Helsinki is remarkable due to the Agency's foreknowledge of Swedish authorities largely ignoring active British and United States intelligence operations. 

File 11: Harold Francis Swenson
He was a CIA Operations Officer that prior served in the United States Marine Corps. The Directorate for Plans employed Swenson in multiple positions for twenty years. In 1965, his CIA was undercover in the State Department Foreign Service Office. Among Swenson's notable details was his use of the alias Harold F. Safley.

File 12: Anna Tarasoff
She was a Mexico City station employee who undertook transcription and translation of intelligence material. She was married to Boris Tarasoff and they worked in concert in Mexico City station surveillance operations. 

File 13: Boris Dmitri Tarasoff
Tarasoff was a Mexico City station employee married to his translating partner Anna. He aided in transcribing and translating some Agency surveillance traffic from Communist aligned embassies and other specified targets. The Tarasoffs were associated with the multiple problematic messages some prior alleged were of Lee Harvey Oswald. The Agency never obtained a picture or verified tape of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City. 

File 14: Guy Vitale 
Vitale was a covert agent for the CIA that served over twenty-six years and received a retirement commendation from prior Director of Intelligence Richard Helms. He served in the United States Army Joint Operations Group at the Pentagon. 

File 15: Charlotte Louise Bustos-Videla (Zehrung)
 She was a CIA Western Hemisphere Division staff employee that married former Argentine Brigadier General Cesar Bustos-Videla. Charlotte was prior trained as an Economist, Statistician, and Stenographer. She was granted a cryptographic clearance in 1974. 

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Research by: C.A.A. Savastano