CIA Biographic Profiles

A collection of internal documents that details prior employees and officers of the Central Intelligence Agency. Each file lists physical characteristics, service dates, and operations. Some files contain a picture and additional information on the subject discussed. These files offer insights hidden from most original investigators. 

File 1: Morris Gilbert Bishop
Bishop was a staff member of the psychological warfare division of the United States Army. His exact first and last name was also possibly used as a pseudonym by others in the Agency. He is an unconnected figure whose name is related to other Kennedy case assertions directed at Agency employees.   

File 2: William Vincent Broe
Broe was an influential officer in the Agency whose career spanned decades. He was a former FBI agent and later joined the CIA to serve in Far East operations. He became Station Chief of Tokyo, and subsequently the Chief of Western Hemisphere (WH) division in 1965. Broe led WH division to undertake repeated illegal clandestine operations in South America to influence foreign governments. Broe finished his intelligence career as Inspector General and later retired in 1973. 

File 3: David Lamar Christ
Christ was Chief of the CIA Technical Services Division that performed surveillance equipment installations and had knowledge of Agency audio technicians worldwide. He was captured during an operation while in Cuba and received the Distinguished Intelligence Cross for his actions during incarceration. Christ also had extensive knowledge of some Agency research projects that include foreign intelligence operations. 

File 4: Lucien Emile Conein
He was a notorious member of the Central Intelligence Agency that had extensive military and covert intelligence background. Conein attended the British Special Intelligence School and received training in psychological warfare from US officials. He served as an operations officer at CIA Headquarters and collaborated with revolutionary forces in Saigon during the overthrow of President Ngo Dihn Diem. 

File 5: William John Crawford
Crawford began serving the Agency in the Clerical Branch and advanced to Recruitment, Personnel, and Administration Officer. His training included counterinsurgency orientation and counterintelligence training dealing with clerical materials. In 1964, he was involved in operations concerning Iran, Jordan, and Lebanon.   

File 6: George A. Fill
Fill served in US Army Military Intelligence as a Russian liaison officer in and later was an operations officer stationed at CIA Headquarters. Subsequently he undertook CIA Turkish, Baltic, and Soviet Branch operations. 

File 7: Jerome Fox
Educated at Bard College in New York, Fox was educated in economics. He was trained in black (Illegal) propaganda methods, skilled in photographic interpretation, and served as Strategic Intelligence Staff. He was involved with operations conducted in Soviet Bloc, North Vietnamese, Philippines, Indonesian, and Chinese areas.  

File 8: William King Harvey
Harvey was a former reporter and Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who became a CIA officer. He was involved in various sensitive illegal compartmentalized operations. He was among those directly involved directing Phase II of the Castro assassination plots. His notorious activities such as the ZR/Rifle project link him directly to assassination plots before and after the Kennedy assassination.

File 9: Everette Howard Hunt
Known primarily for his role in the failed Watergate burglary, Hunt was an experienced CIA asset. Hunt served as a war correspondent during WWII. In 1949 he began assisting the Agency and retired from official duties in 1970. Hunt went on to undertake similar operations for the Nixon administration that resulted in its disgrace.

File 10: Robert Malcolm Keith
Keith served in the United States Navy and was educated in Military Science, Chemistry, and Engineering at West Point military academy and the Citadel military college. The Agency further trained him in a variety of skills that include study of Russian, German, Operations, Secret Writing, and Science Technical Operations. Keith assisted in Agency Soviet, Indonesian, and Chinese operations.  

File 11: James Walter McCord Jr.
McCord is a former employee of the Department of Justice and was a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was trained in counterintelligence operations and served as a security investigator for the Agency. McCord earned high praise in his various Agency undertakings, yet he faces arrest in the subsequent Watergate burglary. 

File 12: Howard McCrea Orr
He was a native of Ohio with master's degree in international studies and served in the military during World War II. Orr served as both an Intelligence Officer and Operations Officer for the CIA from 1950s until the middle of the 1970s. His foreign assignments concentrated on intelligence gathering and operations in the Soviet Union, Brazil, and Venezuela.   

File 13: David Atlee Phillips
Phillips began employment with the Agency in 1952 as a contract agent. His career officially ended in 1975 as the Chief of Latin American division and overseeing Caribbean operations. After his retirement, Phillips became a vocal defender of the Agency and its prior undertakings. Some highly improbable allegations regard Phillips in connection with the Kennedy case.

File 14: Frederick Crawford Randall
Randall is a veteran of World War II and was educated in government, foreign and international relations. He served for nearly two decades as both Intelligence Officer and Operations Officer in the Agency. Randall conducted Agency intelligence operations within Indonesia.  

File 15: Leo Rosenbaum
Rosenbaum served in the US Army and subsequently as a civilian chemist. He began serving as a librarian in the Agency in 1951. In the Agency, he was a document analyst, is trained in secret writing, lock picking, and surveillance. Rosenbaum participated in Latvian and Soviet Branch operations. 

File 16: George James Von Bretzel
Von Bretzel served in the American military and married a Russian native adopted by a Navy Admiral Newton McCully. In 1950, he received training in Russian from the Agency. The US Navy employed Von Brutzel and his wife as they lived in Japan and Europe during his later career. 

File 17: Eugene LeRoy Walter Jr
Walter served as a Commander of the US Navy Medical Service Corps. He was a military scientist with training in microbiology, biochemistry, pathology, preventive medicine, and biological warfare. Walter is a member of various United States government organizations during his career including the CIA.   

File 18: James Sauvie Woods
Woods began serving the Agency in the role of file clerk and was performing intelligence analysis two years later at Atsugi airbase in Japan. He was assigned to analyze foreign intelligence and became an Operations officer by his third year in the Agency.  He also undertook records management analysis and records administration at Agency Headquarters and in Saigon, Vietnam. He concluded his final years of Agency employment in the Office of Records Administration and served most of his career under the Directorate for Plans. 

File 19: Robert Prentiss Wheeler
Wheeler is educated in political science, and served in the United States Navy during part of WWII and in the post-war effort as an intelligence specialist. He was trained by the Agency in Clandestine writing operations and techniques. He received a commendation for developing Far East intelligence elements. 

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